Katy currently works as an aerospace engineer in Northern Virginia, where she specializes in deep-space radar telemetry. By July of 2009, she will have left her job to embark on a new career in archaeology! This will take her first to Iceland, then to England, and finally to the University of Massachusetts Boston for an MA in Historical Archaeology. The saga will be chonicled on this website.

In the meantime, when she is not working, packing finishing her Historic Preservation Certificate, reading, writing, playing on the internet, visiting her family, exploring local museums and historic sites, or practicing amateur yoga, she can often be found volunteering with the Loudoun Archaeological Foundation, or spoiling her two adorable cats, Darcy (the colorful one) and Bingley (the triangle-nosed one).

She used to be a Girl Scout, and has been providing the internet with this collection of song lyrics for a full decade.

If you would like a formal cv and/or resume, email her with your credentials and she will gladly oblige!

Katy has reluctantly embraced social networking, and can be found on Facebook, twitter, Dreamwidth, Flickr, and LibraryThing. She also has a MySpace, but never, ever, ever checks it, she promises.

To help her pay for the aforementioned archaeology degree, keep katycat.net up and running, and/or buy food and/or cat litter, you could get her something awesome, see if she's selling anything cool on ebay, or send her money via Pay Pal (use her email address).

Her email address, by the way, is katycat@gmail.com.

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